I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer for the past year or so.
And I’ve been reading a lot of books about it, talking to people about it and I feel the more i dive into it the less I actually know.

Anyways, I was reading a book by Robert Henderson. Father, Friend and Judge.

For starters, obviously, there is different personas that we can pray to.
The Holy Spirit.

So who do we address? And how?
I’m just going to focus on God and the Holy Spirit for now.

The Holy Spirit is 1. Our guide and 2. Our Comforter. Amongst other things.
So, he will guide us into all the truth and show us how to pray.
As far as comforter, the word in Greek doesn’t actually mean someone who comforts us when we feel sad. It actually means Advocate or Intercessor. In a court room type sense. So the Holy Spirit pleads our case before God the judge. On our behalf.

We can address God as you would have picked up earlier as

The Father provides our needs. So we ask him when we need anything.
We address God the friend when we stand in the gap. Or intercede for someone. Basically we ask a friend for a favour on behalf of another friend.

And lastly God the judge. We pray to god the judge on issues of justice. When injustice has been done to us Or someone else. When the enemy accuses us. Or things we cant explain. Like generational stuff or maybe curses.

Anyways, I obviously can’t go into detail. You would have to grab a copy of his book. But this is definitely an interesting perspective.

So what has this to do with the secret place?
Well, I believe that there should be corporate prayer and worship. But jesus also told us to go into our prayer closet. Our secret place. And you find this across the psalms as well.

I think the secret place is the spiritual realm.
We are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Right?
So when we enter the “secret place” we enter the “spiritual realm”.
I think it’s actually not so much that the Holy Spirit is here, but that we go, where the spirit is. Which is when we “feel / experience “ his “presence”.

When we are in this secret place, we can hear what the spirit says. We have the mind of Christ. And we can now pray the will of God. We can ask in HIS name. And everything we ask in his name will be done.

So when we pray out of our own place of fear, or uncertainty or worry. I believe there is a good chance that our prayers wont’ get answered. But when we pray out of the secret place, in unison with the intercession of the Holy Spirit on our behalf. That’s when mountains move.

I hope that made sense.
Let me know what you think.

To your success.