Ok, so that is actually a pretty good and loaded question. But let’s explore this.

For starters, business, I think is pretty self-explanatory. A business is an entity that sells a product or service and makes a profit. I think we’re all in business because we found something that we like doing. Something that people want. That helps them, and that they are willing to pay money for. And we want to provide for our family, provide for our employees, build and influence our community. And give to causes that we believe in. Like your church, or mission organisation, or not for profit or, … And I want to see Gods kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. In my family, in my business, my life, my community, my country. Well, countries in my case. But I digress.

The kingdom of God is the realm where God reigns. You could call it heaven, I guess. In heaven, there is no pain, no disease, no war. There is abundance, peace, love, faith, hope. God is there. His presence is there. SO I guess, Gods kingdom on earth is his presence. In my life. In my business. In church. At work. At play. Everywhere I go I want to take the kingdom. Or bring the kingdom.

So, that is what this site is about.

Exploring what the kingdom means in different circumstances. How to cultivate a hunger for more in the day to day. Maybe it’s about prayer or worship. Maybe it’s about justice and righteousness. Maybe it’s about money and profit. Or people and problems. Or family and fun. Who knows where the kingdom starts and ends. Well, it doesn’t really end. But I get ahead of myself again.

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