I wish God would speak to me as he spoke to Peter on the roof, or Cornelius when he called for Peter.
Or to Paul, when Christ revealed himself to him. Or to Paul when he told him in a dream not to go to one place but to another. But it appears to usually not happen that way.

Even when someone has a word for me, I often wonder how that applies to my life. Often those words could apply to something in the distant future. But there are no clear, immediate steps to take towards that.

So then I sit in my quiet time. I listen to worship; I worship, I pray, I read the bible, or a book or listen to a meditation. And I wait. And I don’t get much. Sometimes I get an encouraging word, a good feeling, or a sense or a warning, but it’s not this life-changing experience. It’s not like he’s taking me to another place or putting me in a trance or something. Not even a vision.

And I think those life-changing experiences happen maybe a few times in your lifetime, which is why they were recorded in scripture. As a reminder that they do happen, but perhaps they are not a regular occurrence.

I do remember a few life-changing experiences, like when I got saved. Where God suddenly showed up, and I knew that he was real. There was a presence so strong that I could no longer deny it. And that one experience changed the direction of my life. But I believe that God does not want to push us around, where we have no choice but to follow him. I think he wants s to grow in our knowledge of him and live out of that. To make our own decisions.

Right now, I would like God to tell me what to do with my business, but I am not getting a blueprint download. Or even an extraordinary opportunity. It feels like I am just doing my thing. I am figuring out how to run and grow a business—going through the daily grind, the motions.

Which reminds me of my time when Shauna and I were dating. And I wanted God to tell me if she is the one. And all I got was that she could be the one. That she is not the wrong one. But in the end, I have to decide if she is the one or not. Do I want to make life work with her? It’s my decision, not his, which is a big deal, especially when you hear stories of people that as soon as they met God audibly told them that they are made for each other. It wasn’t like that for me.

Sometimes, if we expect God to tell us what to do every single time, it is because we want to give up responsibility. But he wants us to take responsibility for our actions. He wants us to create his kingdom. He could do it all himself, but he wants to partner with us. And that is a real partnership. Not micromanagement. I tell you what to do, and you do it exactly how I want it done or else. That is not how he operates.

Anyways. I still would prefer to get some more input, some more guidance. But then I think I generally know what to do. I gotta get on with and do the good thing I know to do. And not wait for a trance to make me do it.
Anyways. I pray a blessing over you and your dreams. I pray that the Lord of all things would guide you and give you the courage to do the things you know you should do. And that sometimes, he would surprise you, and encourage you in what you’re doing.